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5 Analysis of Promoters’ ­Submissions

Overall, 358 investments have been included to TYNDP 2022 by more than 60 different project promoters including both TSOs and third-party promoters. The below graph provides the overview for this submission, compared to the previous TYNDP editions.

The full details of the project information included in the TYNDP 2022 can be found in Annex A of this Report. This section of the report provides a general information of the received submissions. Submissions are further analysed in Chapter 6 and 7.

Figure 4: Comparison between TYNDP 2018, TYNDP 2020 and TYNDP 2022

5.1 Type of infrastructures

For the previous TYDNP edition ENTSOG introduced for the first time a new project infrastructure category for Energy Transition Projects. TYNDP 2020 already included 75 Energy Transitions ­Projects.

Following the EU Green Deal and the revision process of the TEN-E regulation, ENTSOG decided to further evolve this category by replacing it with four new categories allowing more insights and reflection of development trends. Projects are classified in TYNDP 2022 according to the following infrastructure categories.

Projects are classified in TYNDP 2022 according to the ­following infrastructure categories:

  • Gas Transmission pipeline including ­Compressor Stations (TRA)
  • Reception and storage and regasification or decompression facilities
    for liquified ­naturals gas or compressed natural gas (LNG)
  • Underground storage facility (UGS)
  • New or repurposed infrastructure to carry hydrogen (HYD)
  • Projects for retrofitting infrastructure to further integrate hydrogen (RET)
  • Biomethane development projects (BIO)
  • Other infrastructure related projects (OTH)

Renewable and low-carbon hydrogen will be key to decarbonise the hard-to-abate sector in the next years but alternatively some European countries can still reduce their carbon footprint by replacing more carbon intensive fuels. Investments falling under the TRA, UGS and LNG infrastructure category thus need to be technically suitable to transport, store or receive safely, securely, and efficiently increasing percentages of H2 (possibly up to 100 %) or contribute to the fuel-gas-switch within a country/area.

Figure 5 provides an overview of the submitted investment per Type of Infrastructure.

Figure 5: Investment inclusion in TYNDP 2022 by type of infrastructure

5.2 Projects commissioned since TYNDP 2020

The following map shows all projects that, from the last TYNDP edition, have been completed.

Figure 6: Map of projects commissioned since 2020

32 investments already part of TYNDP 2020 were completed over the years between both TYNDP editions. The commissioning of all these investments further contributes to the development of the European gas system, enhancing the level of market integration, security of supply and competition. Four of these projects are contributing to the energy transition.

Some of the above projects have been submitted to TYNDP 2022 but have been commissioned in the following months directly after the end of the project submission phase (commissioning date < 31.12.2022) and will be therefore considered in the TYNDP 2022 Existing infrastructure level and is no longer part of the promoter submission analyses in the next chapters.

5.3 Projects foreseen to be commissioned soon

Project codeProject namePromoterCountryComissioning
TRA-F-342Enhancement of Latvia – Lithuania interconnection (Lithuanian part)AB Amber GridLT2023
TRA-F-382Enhancement of Latvia – Lithuania interconnection (Latvian part)Conexus Baltic Grid, JSCLV2023
TRA-A-1199LNG Terminal Brunsbüttel – Grid IntegrationGasunie Deutschland Transport Service GmbHDE2023
TRA-F-814Upgrade for IP Deutschneudorf et al. for More CapacityONTRAS Gastransport GmbHDE2023
LNG-A-62LNG terminal in northern Greece / Alexandroupolis – LNG SectionGastrade S.A.GR2023
TRA-A-63LNG terminal in northern Greece / Alexandroupolis – Pipeline SectionGastrade S.A.GR2023
TRA-A-988LNG Terminal Stade – Grid IntegrationGasunie Deutschland Transport Service GmbHDE2023
TRA-F-539FSRU 1 ConnectionSnam Rete Gas S.p.A.IT2023
LNG-F-1134FSRU 1 – SNAMSnam Rete Gas S.p.A.IT2023
LNG-F-272Upgrade of LNG terminal in ŚwinoujścieGAZ-SYSTEM S.A.PL2023
TRA-F-329ZEELINKOpen Grid Europe GmbH and Thyssengas GmbHDE2023
TRA-F-362Development on the Romanian territory of the Southern Transmission CorridorSNTGN Transgaz SARO2023
TRA-F-755CS RimparGRTgaz Deutschland GmbH and Open Grid Europe GmbHDE2023
TRA-A-1090Metering and Regulating Station at AlexandroupoliDESFA S.A.GR2023
TRA-F-1115WALOpen Grid Europe GmbHDE2023
TRA-F-1276Upgrade of Nea Mesimvria Compressor StationDESFA S.A.GR2023
TRA-F-1278Compressor station at AmbeliaDESFA S.A.GR2023
OTH-A-430PorthosPorthos Development CVNL2023
HYD-A-562Energy Park Bad LauchstädtONTRAS Gastransport GmbHDE2023
TRA-A-809Reallocation H-Gas towards NL: Bunde/Oude to Zone Oude Statenzijl HGasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbHDE2023
OTH-A-924Power to Methanol AntwerpPower to Methanol Antwerp BVBE2023
TRA-A-1268Romania – Serbia InterconnectionSNTGN Tranzgaz SARO2023
TRA-A-564FSRU in Le Havre connectionGRTgazFR2023
LNG-A-1123Expansion of Revithoussa LNG Terminal via installation of FSUDESFA S.AGR2023
LNG-F-178Musel LNG terminalEnagas Transport S.A.U.ES2023
TRA-A-1275Zeebrugge OpwijkFluxys BelgiumBE2023

Table 1: Investments included in TYNDP 2022 whose expected commissioning year is 2023

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